International Speleological Project to Cambodia 2008 (Battambang area)

Michael Laumanns (editor)

Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte, (BHB) , volume 34, 2009.

69 pages, many maps and cave surveys .
This volume gives detailed information on the karst and the caves of the Battambang area (NW Cambodia). 65 registered caves. 42 cave maps.


Atlas of the Great Caves and the Karst of Southeast Asia

Michael Laumanns & Liz Price (editors)

Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte, (BHB) , volume 40-41, 2010.

Vol. 40 covers : Introduction, geology, longest caves, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia (172 p.).
Vol. 41 covers: Myanmar – Vietnam (166 p.).


German speleological campaign Cambodia 95/96

M. Denneborg, M. Laumanns, M. Schnadwinkel & St. Voigt

Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte, (BHB) , volume 6, 2002.

82 pp, photos, tables and many surveys.
Report on the Dec 1995 - 2nd February 1996 German-Cambodian caves and karst exploration project in the south of Cambodia.


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